Personal & Professional BEST

This is a video I produced on Thursday. I made everything you see. It has a 10 minute introduction where I created all the animations. It moves into a show intro, then content I shot on green screen recording skype interview. I assembled other pre-recorded segments and end the show with a live trivia contest. The show is broadcast in a live feed in our corporate offices and livestreamed into 40 different real estate accounts in the southeast.


news you can use

This is a video I produced for work. I created the animated introduction, researched the subject, wrote the copy, shot the talent reading from a teleprompter, edited the footage, keyed in 2 backgrounds… the city and the screen animations. I then applied the news ticker, etc.


Culture piece for best places to work

I wrote the entire script and shot the talent reading from prompter on green screen and then keyed in the background video of the office. I put together shot list and had a friend shoot the b-roll and then edited all together.